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Blogger Templates Without Copyright

blogger templates without copyright

Blogger Templates Without Copyright | Blogger is a platform where we share our thoughts and skills to the whole world. According to our blog niche, we need to change our blog interface adaptive to the particular subject, Although there are many themes provided by the blogger itself we don't find it as good as the other custom theme's.

When we go for a custom theme there is two option in front of us either paid or free (with designer credit). But most of us are annoyed by the Copyright credit which can't be removed, there are many illegal ways to remove the theme credit. But it is not recommended for removing copyright script by hiding or replacing the script which is completely against the fair use policy.

Blogger Template Without Footer Credit 

If you are annoyed with the copyright credit then there is a wonderful theme called Pixel which is developed by Colorlib. The interesting thing about the Pixel theme is that it is a completely Open source and anyone modifies and make changes according to their need. This theme comes without any Encrypted script and feel free to modify.

Download link is given below and for convenience, I have already edited the theme and configured so that you don't have to add your blogger credits it will automatically load your blog URL and copyright text 

Pixel Theme Features: Copyright Free Blogger Template

Blogger Templates Without Copyright
Copyright Free Blogger Templates | Pixel is a fully customized and copyright free blogger template which, we can compare with many of the premium themes available nowadays. Pixel theme has an inbuilt featured widget, customized gadgets, author section and comment system etc. It is completely responsive and Ad ready theme for Magzine and News style blog.

This theme can be compared with most of the premium theme's with most of the functions included already. Huge respect for the hard work behind this theme without them this dream was not possible. 

Features of Free Pixel Theme

» Top Social Icons
» Top Banner Advertisement
» Navigation Menu
» Featured Widget
» Customized Widget
» Custom Sidebar Widget
» Comment System
» Author Description
» Author Social Links

Best Features of Pixel Theme

Blogger Template Without Footer Credit - This theme has a featured widget three posts filtered with a recent post in all labels. Grid system design is ooutstanding feature of this template.

The customized gadget is available in two different styles, one gallery, and another list form. List form has an inbuilt social share hover and the gallery doesn't have this function. Replace the top ad code and sidebar ad code with your Adsense code.

Both the gadget are well optimized for the best performance and you can simply note that this is a blogger template from Colorlib. No doubt they are providing some of the best free themes both for blogger and WordPress. 

Blogger Templates Without Copyright
Blogger Templates Without Credit - Sidebar panel has all in one widget containing recent posts, popular post, and comment and I think this one of the coolest features in the pixel theme and talking about mobile view pixel is completely responsive and user interactive. Replace the default Ad code with your Adsense code to display Google Ads. 

This theme has a beautiful Author section.

Blogger Templates Without Copyright
This theme is very helpful for an absolute beginner because all the ad area is well utilised and there is not any need for editing your theme for further ad area.

Full Documentation of this theme is provided below

Even though all widget customization and other editing features are documented in the above link it doesn't show to change the footer credit. So I will show you how to change the footer credit.

Note: Pixel is a completely open source Theme, So you don't have to worry about redirection and other difficulties. There is no encrypted script in this theme!

Follow these steps to remove footer credit (Original Theme)

★ Skip this step if you downloaded this theme from the below link, it is already configured.
  1. You will need an HTML editor or just use your blogger HTML editor
  2. Then search for pixel-cwrap body-row by pressing CTRL+F
  3. After that delete the Colorlib credits by removing these codes  |  Designed by Colorlib
    blogger templates without copyright,blogger template without footer credit
  4. If you want to add any text instead of the credit just type by replacing the above code
  5. After that Edit the year to current year
If you want to add Custom links to your's about, contact etc. Then add this code instead of the Colorlib attributes. As shown here.
blogger templates without copyright,blogger template without footer credit

After this reload your website and check whether everything is working properly or not. If you are getting an error while saving the theme please recheck the code and syntax. Finally, your footer would look like this...
blogger templates without copyright,blogger template without footer credit

Development and Improvements 

You can contribute to the development of this template through our Github Repository. We together can make this theme more advanced and make a competitor for other premium themes available in our market. Those having knowledge of HTML and coding can help me with this project.

Download Pixel Open Source Template

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  1. Check Out This Article On Blogger Templates Without Copyright. If you have any doubt regarding this template Please Comment Below

  2. Thanks man.. This saved me, using it on ma new blog

  3. Thanks bro finally i found it

  4. Main Navigation Menu does not show in main blogger page but in posts !?

  5. thank you sir thank you so much

  6. ★ Update : Will be released Soon
    - Breadcrumb and Other structured Data
    - Remove the top post thumbnail
    - And more

    Thanks everyone for your amazing support!

  7. Nice I m trying for my new blog

  8. is there any free template like this ,but designed for business?

    1. I think this is the only free opensource theme available for blogger without any legal issues.

  9. nice template, thank you so much
    one question, i see COLORLIB banner in layout panel blogger
    what does it mean?

    1. Hi Anna,
      I Have already configured the footer so dont worry about the footer credits in demo theme.

    2. Okay, thank you M.Fasil

  10. Hi, thanks for sharing this template. Is it okey to remove the credits of this template? Since it says all right reserved instead of No right reserved?

    And after changing in to this theme my post titles are not visible in individual post sections, any idea?

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Pixel is labelled free for commercial and private use you can check it on the github page of this theme (I added the Alright reserved text you can freely remove it by following above guide). And post title is little annoying in this theme where it would display in the top (below the header section with a background image.but if your title isn't showing anywhere then re-upload theme.

  11. Hey...thanks . how long will it take the adsense ads to show in posts. I changed the default ad codes with mine and it is not showing up in post page. But in home page and sidebar it is showing.Can you advice.

    1. This is my homepage

    2. Hi Vijay Lakshmi,
      Please replace the ad code in "Post Page Advertisement [Top]" from the theme Layout in order to show ads on posts.

    3. In order to show ads below the post you should replace the code in Bottom Ad [Post Page].

    4. hey man, i dont speak english very good, but i hope that you understand me, look my site, the titles of post dont work, please help me.

      you job is amazing!

  12. First of all I apologise for the late reply.
    I think it is the problem with the JQUERY so try this method
    1.Replace <script async='async' src='' type='text/javascript'/> with this <script sync='sync' src='' type='text/javascript'/>

    Try this method and see if its working or not. Dont hesitate to contact us if this doesnt work. We are happy to help you.


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