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How to Use UHARC [Full Guide]

Sunday, August 19, 2018

How to Use UHARC [Full Guide]

uharc,how to use uharc
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use UHARC and compress large files. This tool was widely used by bloggers but it is quite difficult to use for beginners.

When you download games from some website you would see some “.uha file” which on extracting opens up the command prompt and start the decompression. You might be aware that there is a GUI based version available now, but I recommend the old UHARC CMD based version because it is pretty good at compression ratio.

If you are uploading games into online file sharing platform you must compress game in order to provide various user to afford the download size considering their internet limitation.

How to Use UHARC?

There is no scarcity for compression tool, as I described above tools like ISO compressor, RAR does not fulfil our required compression rate, but its uses come when we need to directly write the game file into a DVD or compress small files. 7 Zip compression tool is considerably better than RAR and ISO which uses some of the same algorithm used by UHARC.


Although the new version is user-friendly and easy to use the compression level is sometimes poor, I don’t know that this is the case for all files. UHARC command based compression has tons of option to control the compression rate and flexibility but the UHARC GUI doesn't have all the function.

People might say you that KGB is the best compression software, but the decompression time and compression time is far greater than all software described above, RAR files are widely used compression software but it is not applicable for high-compression rate, it is widely used due to its simplicity and popularity.

UHARC vs 7zip and RAR

When comparing UHARC and 7 zip we need some live proof depending upon the packing ability of all software where 7 zip is pretty amazing software but the UHARC won our test always.Even though 7 zip utilizes one of the compression algorithm UHARC uses the 7 zip failed to compete even with RAR compression. You can see the result of a 512 kb files compressed by three various compression software. So UHARC is perfect for compressing large and small files.

uharc,how to use uharc

When comparing UHARC vs 7zip the winner is UHARC but here I have used the CMD version for compressing files. So I recommend the CMD version for maximum compression.

How to use UHARC

1. Download the UHARC software from here 
2. Extract the file and by holding Shift, Press right-click inside the extracted folder.

uharc,how to use uharc
3. Select Open command window here
4. After that CMD window will open and paste the below code replacing your file location which you want to compress 
tecuha a -r+ -ed- -pf -mx -mm+ -md32768 filename.uha "location*.*" 
uharc,how to use uharc
 Note- File location should be pasted along with the syntax Eg. tecuha a -r+ -ed- -pf -mx -mm+ -md32768 mygame.uha "E:\Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30\Sound\*.*" 
 5. After pasting, pressing the Enter key will start compression  automatically if you have entered the right code without any mistake

uharc,how to use uharc
UHARC is highly recommended to compress large games, which can be divided into many pieces and can be joined back without any effort. So here I recommend you to use GUI based software for decompression and CMD for compression. If you can't get UHARC then 7zip is the best, never go for KGB which is really slow and annoying but its compression is huge and packs well.


We hope this article on  How to Use UHARC. If you have any doubt and problem please comment below. We are happy to help you!

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