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High CPC Keywords in India 2019 [Tech]

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

High CPC Keywords in India 2019 [Tech]

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Hi, Guys welcome back to PC Week. In this tutorial, I will show you some of the High CPC Keywords in India (Tech related) for bloggers and YouTubers. As you all know that India is the second largest country with the most Internet Users after China with more than 391 million users.

Keyword research is very important for generating some organic visitor for our blog. Just writing an article without any thorough research would not output any benefit. We need to look onto CPC, Monthly searches and Competition for all the keyword we are going to use in our articles.

Keyword without any relevant CPC and monthly searches would not generate any revenue. So we need to be very careful while writing an article for our blog.

High CPC Keywords in India

Implement this keyword in your article in a way that it meets Adsense Terms and conditions. Although CPC for India in some niche is very low but high when we consider Hosting, Blogging and Electronics. Hosting has the highest CPC in this list (up to 30$).


  1. Technology Networks
  2. Usa Technology News
  3. Technology News Usa
  4. Technology Consulting
  5. Technology Expo
  6. Web Technology News


  1. Us Online Electronic Shopping Websites
  2. America Online Shopping Electronics
  3. Usa Online Shopping Websites For Electronics
  4. Electronics Engineering Technician
  5. Top Online Electronics Shopping Sites In Usa
  6. Electronics Manufacturing Service
  7. Electronics Vector


  1. Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science
  2. Computer Vision Conference
  3. Compute Info
  4. Computer Information Systems
  5. Computer Crime
  6. Computer Operating Systems


  1. Android Developer Console
  2. Android Push Notification
  3. Android Ui Guidelines
  4. App Market
  5. Top Android Smartphones
  6. Android Sdk Manager
  7. Android Developer


  1. Mobile App Development
  2. Mobile Locksmith
  3. Mobile Kitchen Island
  4. Mobile Friendly Test
  5. Mobile Ui Design
  6. American Cell Phone Companies
  7. Mobile Ui
  8. Mobile View Of Website
  9. Mobile Elevated Work Platform


  1. Laptop Quiz
  2. Laptop Keyboard Not Working
  3. Laptop Keys Not Working
  4. Cheap Laptops Uk
  5. Laptop Security
  6. Laptop Mag
  7. Laptops Uk
  8. Laptop Security
  9. Laptop Mag
  10. Laptops Uk
  11. Buy Laptop Online Usa
  12. Buy Laptop Usa
  13. Laptop Gaming Setup
  14. Laptop Deals Canada
  15. Laptop Mouse Not Working
  16. Laptop On Rent


  1. Create New Blogspot Website
  2. Best Blog Host
  3. Blog Hosting
  4. Great Blog Websites
  5. Create A Blog Website
  6. Free Blog Website Builder
  7. Create Blog Online
  8. Weblogs
  9. How To Build A Blog Website
  10. Free Blog Sites
  11. Create Blog On Blogspot
  12. Start A Blogspot
  13. Create A Blogspot Website Free


  1. Hosting VPS
  2. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
  3. Private Domain Registration
  4. Budget Hosting
  5. VPS Web Hosting
  6. Hosting Quickbooks
  7. Virtual Server
  8. Virtual Server Hosting
  9. Hosting On Wordpress
  10. Joomla Hosting
  11. Webhosting Reseller
  12. Web Hosting Singapore
  13. Linux Dedicated Servers
  14. Linux Vps
  15. Affordable Web Hosting
  16. Web Hosting Uk
  17. Google Hosting
  18. Linux Reseller Hosting
  19. Hosting Uk
  20. Hosting Heroku
  21. Hosting On Heroku
  22. Web Hosting Usa
  23. Managed Server Hosting
  24. Hosting News
  25. Free Web Hosting And Domain
  26. VPS Server
  27. Dedicated Server Hosting
  28. Reseller Hosting Plans
  29. Hosting Quickbooks In The Cloud
  30. Windows Dedicated Server
  31. Best Vps Hosting
  32. Best Reseller Hosting
  33. Virtual Private Server Hosting
  34. Dedicated Server
  35. Canadian Web Hosting
  36. Windows Dedicated Server Hosting
  37. Cloud Hosting
  38. Free Forum Hosting
  39. Hosting Free
  40. Game Server Hosting
  41. Colocation
  42. Reseller Hosting
  43. Hosting Reseller
  44. Web Hosting Deals
  45. Virtual Dedicated Server
  46. Hosting Multiple Websites
  47. Business Web Hosting
  48. Linux Web Hosting
  49. Cheap Dedicated Server
  50. Windows Vps Hosting
  51. Business Website Hosting
  52. Hosting Unlimited Websites
  53. Managed Dedicated Server
  54. Windows Reseller Hosting
  55. Linux Server Hosting
  56. Cheap Domain Hosting
  57. Hosting 99
  58. Dedicated Server Web Hosting
  59. Cheap Vps Hosting
  60. Free Webhosting
  61. Managed Hosting
  62. Domain Name And Hosting
  63. Hosting Providers Uk
  64. Web Hosting Sites
  65. Cheap Webhosting
  66. Hosting Moodle
  67. Low Cost Web Hosting
  68. Cloud Web Hosting
  69. Free Website Hosting
  70. Buy Web Domain
  71. Unlimited Reseller Hosting
  72. Hosting Websites
  73. Buy Domain Name
  74. Reseller Web Hosting
  75. Hosting Your Own Website
  76. Best Website Hosting
  77. Hosting Website Meaning
  78. Hosting Windows
  79. Best Cheap Web Hosting
  80. Best Web Hosting Services
  81. Monthly Web Hosting
  82. Yahoo Web Hosting
  83. Best Domain Hosting
  84. Cpanel Reseller Hosting
  85. Unlimited Web Hosting
  86. Domain Email Hosting
  87. Hosting Reseller Program
  88. Top Web Hosting Companies
  89. Web Hosting
  90. Hosting Service
  91. Hosting Wordpress
  92. Webhosting
  93. Fastest Web Hosting
  94. Buy Domain
  95. Ecommerce Hosting
  96. Linux Hosting
  97. Secure Hosting
  98. Windows VPS
  99. Magento Hosting
  100. Hosting Web
  101. Cheap Domain
  102. Ecommerce Web Hosting
  103. Cheap Hosting
  104. Web Hosting Companies
  105. Cheap Server Hosting
  106. Cpanel Web Hosting
  107. Cheap Web Hosting India
  108. Dedicated Web Hosting
  109. Domain Name Registration
  110. Website Domain
  111. Domain Reseller
  112. Asp Hosting
  113. Cheap Vps
  114. Host Your Own Website
  115. Website Hosting Companies
  116. Oowebhost
  117. Web Hosting Comparison
  118. Buy Web Hosting
  119. Linux Dedicated Server Hosting
  120. Registering A Domain Name
  121. Server Hosting
  122. Domain Registration
  123. Hosting My Website
  124. Hosting Server Price
  125. Windows Server Hosting
  126. Cheap Dedicated Hosting
  127. Web Hosting Cost
  128. Webmail Hosting
  129. Website Hosting
  130. Application Hosting
  131. Free Hosting
  132. Hosting Kya Hai
  133. Cheap Domain Names
  134. Best Webhosting
  135. Email Hosting
  136. Email Hosting Services
  137. Best Hosting Provider
  138. Cheap Hosting Plans
  139. Web Hosting Websites
  140. Domain Hosting
  141. Cheap Domain Name Registration
  142. Cheap Domain Registration
  143. Cheap Web Hosting
  144. Webhoster
  145. Web Hosting India
  146. Business Hosting
  147. Mysql Database Hosting
  148. Buy Cheap Domain
  149. Web Hosting Control Panel
  150. Email Domain
  151. Web Hosting Services
  152. Get Domain Name
  153. Web Hosting And Domain
  154. Windows Web Hosting
  155. Domain And Hosting
  156. Top Web Hosting
  157. Web Domain
  158. Website Hosting Services
  159. How To Register A Domain Name
  160. Web Page Hosting
  161. Online Web Hosting
  162. Hosting My Domain
  163. Secure Web Hosting
  164. Microsoft Web Hosting
  165. Top Web Hosting Sites
  166. Domain Name Reseller
  167. Website Domain Registration
  168. Buy Hosting
  169. Free Web Domain
  170. Hosting Packages UK
  171. Web Hosting Plans
  172. Best Hosting Sites
  173. Free Web Hosting Services
  174. Dedicated Hosting Service
  175. Hosting Node Js App
  176. Hosting Hub
  177. Hosting Java Web Application
  178. Business Email Hosting
  179. Hosting Website Cost
  180. Hosting React App
  181. Web Hosting Price
  182. Web Domain Registration
  183. How To Host A Website
  184. Web Design And Hosting
  185. Free Domain Name Registration
  186. Hosting Packages
  187. Tomcat Hosting
  188. Cheap Windows Hosting
  189. Php Web Hosting
  190. Free Domain Registration
  191. Unlimited Hosting
  192. Best Hosting
  193. Email Domain Name
  194. Database Hosting
  195. Hosting
  196. Hosting Html Website
  197. Hosting On Github
  198. Cheap Web Hosting Uk
  199. Java Web Hosting
  200. Cheap Domain Transfer
  201. Shared Web Hosting


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