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How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool - Hello guys welcome back to another interesting tutorial on blogging. In this article, I will show you how to use google keyword planner and Increase your Adsense earning and rank your keywords.

Google keyword planner is the best keyword planner for beginners even though there are many other keyword planners available on the internet. Google Keyword planner is actually an inbuilt feature in Google AdWords.

Why Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner would give the exact statistics and data because it is Google's own product and it is used by advertisers to give ads on a particular keyword. So it is the best free tool that we can trust upon. Some of the free tools give errors in its data and statistics.

How CPC is Determined for a Keyword

We know that there are keywords which would have high CPC and keyword that has low CPC. CPC for a keyword is determined by how much an advertiser pays for its ad and amount of advertisers targeting the same keyword.

How to use Google Keyword Planner

1. In order to use Google Keyword Planner visit this link.
2. After that Sign in with your Google account. if you don't have one, please create a new account from here.
3. You can see a Welcome page from Google Ads, Now enter what your website is about and Click Skip the guided setup and click Continue

Note - Don't forget to Skip the setup or else you would have to use another mail account
4. After that, a new tab will open up and Click Save and continue
5. Now you have successfully configured your Google Ad account after that Search for Tools and select Keyword Planner
6. Now select Find New keywords and type your keyword and press Get Started. Eg. Hosting

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool

7. That's all now you can see the related keywords and its CPC, Competition and Monthly searches

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool

Features of Google Ads Keyword Tool

Google Ads Keyword Key planner has some features to filter the Monthly search volume, competition according to increasing and decreasing order. We can easily find the related keyword for a topic and find the average monthly searches and competition and we can optimise the keyword for high CPC content.


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