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Responsive Blogger Templates 2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Responsive Blogger Templates 2019

Responsive Blogger Templates
In this article, I will show you some of the best responsive blogger templates available on the internet. Responsive design is very important for every blogger templates as there are various devices with different screen ratios and sizes.

Bootstrap templates are already optimized for mobile within its framework. In one of the articles, we have discussed some of the free blogger templates without copyright.

Responsive Blogger Templates

These templates have inbuilt breadcrumb, Ad slot and other additional features like Author box, customized widget and shortcodes for some themes. Even though AMP templates are not fully supported by the Blogger API you can try this theme if you are going to target large mobile users.

Blogger has very few inbuilt themes and which most of us don't prefer to use but there are lots of custom themes available for our blogger from which it has become very difficult to choose one.

In this article, I will show you some of the best SEO optimized, Ad ready and Responsive template for Blogger.

1.Flex Mag | Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Blogger Templates
FlexMag Responsive Blogger Template :
Flex Mag is a well-customized theme for your Magazine, News and Tech style blog which is well optimised with fast loading and complete Ad sense friendly design. This is the template that I am currently using. You can check it out yourself.

2.Takis | Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Blogger Templates
Takis  Responsive Blogger Template :
Takis is specially designed for Adsense and better loading speed made this theme suitable for your blog. This theme has inbuilt features that most of the theme doesn't have.

3.SEO Boost | Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Blogger Templates
SEO Boost Responsive Blogger Template
SEO Boost is a well-optimized theme for search engine optimisation with Adsense friendly layout and good loading speed.

4.Infinite AMP | Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Blogger Templates
Infinite AMP Responsive Blogger Template
Infinite AMP is the best AMP blogger template with all features and Adsense friendly design which made it the best AMP template available on the internet.

5.Sora SEO | Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Blogger Templates
Sora SEO Responsive Blogger Template
Sora SEO is another awesome template from SORA which is well optimized for SEO and Adsense with additional Shortcode for various inbuilt features.


Most of the theme listed above has some best-inbuilt features. You can freely check it out from the demo. Don't judge with the Screenshot, these are the best theme if you want SEO and Adsense friendly theme.

I Hope that you liked this post on Responsive Blogger Templates 2019. You can freely comment on your doubts and queries below.

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