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Top 5 Best Keyword Finders

Top 5 Best Keyword Finders | Hello Guys welcome back to another interesting tutorial on Blogging. This time we are going to discuss the top best keyword finder. A keyword is a very important element of blogging considering the SEO point of view.

There is a variety of tool used to find the relevant keyword for our article but most of the tool are free and some are paid. If you are beginner don't go for paid tools which should only be considered after some thorough experience in Blogging.

What is the importance of Keywords

In SEO point of view, the keyword is some random words that are frequently searched across the world. So Search engine will look for a website that matches with the same keyword that each user is searching for. This is a simple explanation of the working of search engines but there is lot more factor involved in determining the correct search results.

Each search engine has a definite search algorithm which determines in which websites should be evaluated and rank the web pages according to various guidelines. And every moment each search engine provider updates its algorithm so that nobody knows the correct algorithm.

Correct Way of Implementing Keywords

Even though the correct algorithm of a search engine is not known an experienced web expert could know the basic tips to rank in google. An important thing that we should take is that presenting irrelevant keyword which doesn't match your content could bring serious trouble like Disabling Adsense Account and negative mark to your website which could possibly decrease future visitor.

Before choosing the correct keyword we have to check its
  • Monthly Search 
  • Competition
  • CPC (If you are planning to monetize your Blog/Website
The monthly search will give an estimate of the popularity of a keyword, Competition determines how easy is to rank with a particular keyword and CPC gives the maximum cost per click for an Ad.

Best Keyword Finders

#1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Top 5 Best Keyword Finder | In my experience, this is the only trusted/accurate keyword finder which is a Google product that will give much accurate search volumes, CPC, Competition and much more. But it doesn't have some advanced features and most people find it difficult to use. Long tail keywords are difficult to find and like its name, it is mostly used for Giving Ad for a particular keyword.

#2. Uber Suggest 

Top 5 Best Keyword Finder | Uber suggest is another amazing tool which is completely free and it has combined search result of Google trend and Google Adwords but we have to give it some time, it is currently in Development stage. But I think in coming years this tool can easily replace Google AdWords.

#3. Keyword Everywhere Plugin

Top 5 Best Keyword Finder | This is one of the amazing tools for lazy bloggers as it will give search volume, CPC and Competition below google search results. This plugin will also give the same SEO elements for related keywords. So this is an amazing tool and this is enough for a quick evaluation of a particular keyword. And this tool is very easy to use unlike other.

#4. Bing Keyword Research

Top 5 Best Keyword Finder | Bing tool will give search volumes and keyword suggestions based on organic search, not on paid search or search advertising data, and give you the most natural ideas with accurate numbers. You can choose a country wise result and even language wise accurate search result.

#5. Paid Tools 

Top 5 Best Keyword Finder | There is some amazing tool like SEMRush, Ahref etc and partially free Moz keyword finder which has some amazing features which most of the free tool doesn't have. This tool has a variety of features like site explorer, Backlink explorer, Longtail keyword explorer and many more.


I Hope that you liked this post on Top 5 Best Keyword Finders. You can freely comment your doubts and queries below.

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