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Benefits and Risks of Rooting Android

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Benefits and Risks of Rooting Android

Benefits and Risks of Rooting Android
In this article we will discuss what are the real benefits and risks of rooting android devices. Rooting is always a nightmare to an ordinary android user, although it provides overall access to the system which unlocks special user privileges to the system firmware and drivers there are some security issues related to rooting.

Rooting is essential to uninstall the unwanted application that comes pre-installed in some android phone and can save lots of storage, but dirty rooting can completely corrupt or brick your system software. People like us would try to root our phone even though we do not have proper knowledge about it.

Benefits of Rooting Android

  1. Remove Unwanted Software which is pre installed in most of the phones which cant be uninstalled directly
  2. Install custom ROM and other device fixes
  3. Use ported application etc.

Risks of Rooting Android

Android devices have a “Safety net API” which is a part of the Google play services layer installed on Google verified Android devices. This API provides access to Google services that help you assess the system health and safety status of an Android device.

So if we are using a custom ROM or rooted phone this test fails. That's the main reason why the Tezz app and some banking app can't be installed on our phone. these apps perform this safety check before installing.

How to Root Android Phone Safely

In the above section we have discussed how various benefits and risks of rooting android devices. Now we will see how to root our device to protect from dirty rooting and software brick.

If you are planning to root your Android device for any purpose don't search for Best android rooting software this is a completely wrong way of rooting your phone, although there are Rooting apps which support more than thousands of devices.

Rooting can be done through PC and from our device itself. Check these requirements before rooting your device
  1. Any App or Software that officially supports your Device
  2. Experienced Review
  3. Success rate 
  4. Unroot Support

Official Support

First of all, you should check whether any app that officially supports your device like Kingroot which support more than thousands of device officially and its success rate with these devices is also good.

Experienced Review

Another important thing which you should take care of is that, search for any experienced review in an android forum or website like XDA who successfully rooted such devices. this can lower the chances of bricking and other issues.

Success Rate

This also an important element in determining the best rooting software although no rooting software will guarantee a 100% success rate. Go for the maximum success rate to avoid risk.

Unroot Support

Most people face this issue after rooting. They complain about unsuccessful un-rooting support by some software. So depending upon the software and its version this can vary. So you should carefully check whether your App/Software support un-roots and its success rate.


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