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High CPC Keywords

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High CPC Keywords - In this article, we will look through the different methods to improve our AdSense earnings. Adsense is based on the content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products.

There are different types of Ad network available nowadays but Adsense is the most trusted and widely used ad provider considering Media.net and other.

Why High CPC Keywords are Important for good Earnings 

CPC is determined by Google for which the advertiser pays to promote their product. And the advertiser has the freedom to select their keyword on which the ad needs to be shown.

For Example, I have a hosting Company and I need to advertise my website on google when someone searches for "hosting". So Google Adword has the complete data needed for advertisers to select their keyword and provide the bid history of a relevant keyword.

∎ How to Use Google Ads Keyword Tool

How to find High CPC Keywords 

 In the above section, we have discussed how the Ad Network works now the next question that arises is how do we find these high CPC keywords. We can mainly depend upon free tool provided by Google that is AdWords which has a pretty useful keyword planner based on past statistics.

While writing an article we should not violate the Adsense policies by stuffing high CPC keywords inside your article which doesn't match with your article or content.

∎ Top 101 High CPC Keywords in India | Tech related

You can type your relevant keyword in Google Adwords check its Average CPC and other data. If you are beginner you can check out one of my article on Google ads beginners guide here.

Just type your keyword and find the CPC for your keyword just like this

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