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All in One Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress

Saturday, January 19, 2019

All in One Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress

All in One Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress
Hello, guys Welcome back to another interesting article. In this article, we are going to talk about a different type of SEO Tools that can be used in our blog or Website whether it is in WordPress or Blogger. SEO Optimisation is very important considering any of the blogging platforms. On Page SEO plays a key role in ranking your pages and that in turn generate some revenue for you.

Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress

Without ranking your pages it is difficult to catch visitors. Google always prefer organic visitors rather than social and paid visitors. So in this article, I will share some of my favourite and easy to use SEO tools. SEO Optimisation includes Keyword research, Image Optimisation, On-page SEO and Plagiarism checking etc.

All the SEO tools that we are going to discuss here is completely free and most of the tools are online tools so that you can easily access without downloading any of the software.

Keyword Research

All in One Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress
There are many keyword research tool available on the internet but most of the tools are paid. So I will show you one of the free keyword research tools which will integrate results from Google Trends and Google keyword planner and can be used for YouTube and Blogging. This tool is called Uber Suggest which is one of the websites maintained by Neil Patel.

For Chrome user, you can also use one plugin called keyword everywhere which is very useful for generating instant search volumes, CPC and Competition.

Google search console can be used along with these tools to find suitable keywords if you can't afford paid tools like Ahref, Semrush and Moz.

Image Optimisation

All in One Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress
Image Optimisation is very important to decrease your website loading time. It is recommended to use PNG image files in your website and should be compressed without losing much of its details as always remember don't compress your image badly by which your visitors get annoyed. So here you can use an online tool for compressing images. If you are using JPEG files then you will not find any advanced compressing option, but if you are compressing PNG files then you will get some advanced option and you can further decrease the file size.

Plagiarism Checker

All in One Free SEO Tools for Blogger and Wordpress
The content you are writing should be unique and it shouldn't contain any copyrighted materials which violate the terms and condition of the author site. If you are copying something from a website double check the chances of plagiarism and use royalty free images. So the best tools to check plagiarism is an Online website called Small SEO Tools which have inbuilt grammar checker word counter and many other features.

Grammar Checker

As you all know that Grammar should be correct and should use a simple style of content writing which matches all the viewers. I will recommend Scribens powerful grammar checker online tool which is very useful for your blog.

Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail is very important for your website which should attract your visitor to read the article. So I recommend Canva free tool for this stuff because it is completely free and can be used for generating various high-quality thumbnail including youtube and Pinterest.

Background Remover

In some cases, you would need to remove background image in order to design thumbnail or mostly in the case of mobile phones you should use some tools to remove the background to get a clear layout of the phone.

Other Stuff

Some tools like word counter, Hyphen remover, language converting and typing tools etc.

Video Tutorial

This Tutorial is on Best Online Image Compressor and its advanced compression. Stay tuned and comment below for more advanced blogging tutorials.


I hope that this article somehow helped you to blog better and easier. The above keyword research tools don't have real-time keyword analysis these are based annual averages. if you don't have enough budget for paid keyword tools then go for it.

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