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Adsense Code Converter [Tool]

Monday, March 18, 2019

Adsense Code Converter [Tool]

This is the Simplest Adsense Code Converter available on the internet. You can easily convert Adsense Code to your XML code which can be easily integrated into your Blogger theme or Website. In order to use Adsense code converter simply paste your Adsense, Chitika or other Ad code in the text area and Click Convert to convert the Ad code into XML data and Press Clear to Parse another Ad code.

Convert & to &
Convert ' to &#039; Convert " to &quot; Convert < to &lt; Convert > to &gt;
If you encounter any error please click clear and try one more time....

Google Adsense Code Converter

Adsense code is not possible to paste directly into your theme, which will give different errors. You can get this error while pasting Amazon Affiliate Ads too. This tool can be used to convert all codes to its respected XML form.

Google Adsense Converter is very useful for Bloggers and Developers to save their valuable time. You can try Reading Progress Bar in Blogger for attracting your visitor and minimize bounce rate.

How to Paste Adsense Code in Blogger

Adsense Code Converter
To paste Adsense code in blogger you have to parse the Ad code (Sometimes it will work without parsing but it is better to convert the code) and paste in the respected area.

If you need to Adjust the spacing and other parameters you can use CSS to beautify it by wrapping it in Div.
For Example

<div class="ad-post">
Your Parsed Adsense Code Here

And Add padding and margin to align it without messing with the article.

How to Use Adsense Code Converter


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